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1938-1956 Plymouth Brand New Reproduction Fuel Pump Hose


  • Here is a brand new flexible fuel line for your vintage Plymouth.
  • These fuel lines are brand new and attach to the mechanical fuel pump bolted on the Flathead engine. 
  • These fit all 6 cylinder and 8 cylinder cars 
  • These fit 1938-1956 all MoPar cars. 
  • These allow the engine to vibrate and move around when being throttled with out snapping the metal fuel line under the car.
  • These are brand new and were just manufactured! 
  • No more brittle cracked rubber! 
  • Most original rubber fuel lines will crack and leak fuel ours won’t! 
  • Our fuel pump hose is rated to 350 psi which is way higher than a stock fuel pump produces – just to be safe!
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