Here it is… our great new easy-to-use website. Use the search function to find the parts you’re looking for or browse the categories to see some of the huge range of high quality parts we stock here at MoParPro. If you don’t find what you need please give us a call on 516 233 7788 or email [email protected] – we have thousands of rare and hard-to-find NOS parts sitting right here on our shelves. We’re constantly developing new reproduction parts and adding new lines to our inventory and we’ll be updating the website regularly, so it’s always worth checking in to see what’s new. Please also check out our videos, and visit the Customer Gallery to see some of the beautiful cars and trucks owned by our customers around the world. If you’d like to see your vehicle featured, just drop us a line any time.
When you order from MoParPro your parts will be shipped fast. We like to help to make sure there'll be no delay in getting that job finished on your classic car or truck. In every package we send, you'll find some of our unique MoParPro merchandise. Look out for super cool decals, stickers, keychains, oil change stickers, fridge magnets and more... Some of these items are even starting to become collectibles in their own right!
We share your passion and run our own stable of classic vehicles, so we understand the thrill of driving these machines and the challenge of keeping them running. The latest addition to our fleet is this beautiful ’52 Dodge truck, expertly detailed and signpainted in MoParPro livery. It's a real head-turner and a hot highway hauler.We also run a 1962 Commer Van, a 1964 Plymouth Valiant Station Wagon and we’re in the process of restoring a super-rare 1938 Chrysler Imperial Coupe. They’re all on the go with MoParPro!
There are plenty of parts for our cars and trucks that are now getting very hard to find. Here at MoParPro we always listen to our customers’ needs and we work hard to fill the gaps by developing brand new reproduction parts for 1930s-1960s MoPars. Our parts are direct bolt-in replacements, true to the originals in almost every way, but we always look to improve performance when we can - so you can expect better friction materials in brake and clutch parts, ethanol resistant parts for fuel systems, rubber bushings upgraded to polyurethane, and other enhancements to keep your car or truck running just as it should. MoParPro reproduction parts go through a long process of design, sample testing, approval and production to make sure that you get the parts you need, at the quality you expect.

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